Jundokan International-Lakeshore
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Class and program outlines
Community Involvement

Gojuryu Karate-do Schedule

We observes all Holidays

Monday and Thursday

6-10 yrs 5:00 pm-5:45 pm
6-10 yrs 5:45 pm-6:30 pm

11-14 yrs 6:30 pm-7:15 pm
11-14 yrs 7:15 pm-8:00 pm

15+(adults) 8:00 pm-8:45 pm


Kata/Bunkai classes when posted

11-15 yrs, adults students only    9:00am-12:00am

All Classes held at the Town of Lakeshore, Libro Community Centre, 1925 South Middle Road, Woodslee 
(just off intersection of County Road 27 and South Middle Road)


Children's Classes
 (6-10 yrs)


Youth and Teens Classes (11-14 yrs)


Our program for youth is designed to develop coordination, agility, strength and motor skills in your child, while emphasizing character traits such as courtesy, respect, discipline and reliability. This program takes children from age 6-11 yrsand 11-15 yrs and prepares them for future training when they enter our Adult programs.

In a typical class, children do warm-up exercises, basic karate blocks, punches and kicks along with associated stances. As they become more proficient with the basics, students will learn kata (which is a prearranged series of movements). They begin moving basics, kumite and bunkai drills. Students will also learn self defense and bully prevention techniques.


"Black Belt Character"
Development Program:

These programs are designed to build Leadership Skills.

  • Perfect Test Club- designed to help students develop better studying and rentention skills. Students are given bonus points for every perfect test mark that they achieve in school and bring to class. This project encourages setting aside time to prepare and practice for tests and examinations.


  • Blackbelt Bookmark Program- designed to encourage the students to read and explore the local Library. Students advance each month to a different colour rank bookmark with every 3 books they read, starting with a whitebelt bookmark all the way to a blackbelt bookmark. This project encourages setting small goals on the way to completing the larger progam.   (Class Leadership Certificate Awarded for completion)


  • Student Skills Sheets- designed to encourage the students to demonstrate their skills which will help increace their confidence. Students will be given skills practice sheets to take home. These sheets are designed so that the student demonstrates their aquired skills once a week to family members. These sheets must be returned with a family members signature when each month is completed. This program encourages responsibility, skills development and confidence building.


  • Dress Down Program- designed to teach students to always be aware and alert to their surroundings when not in the dojo. Students learn, their skills can be used no matter what type of clothing their wearing. Students attend class in normal street clothes, they role play to practice anti bullying and self defence concepts. This program encourages problem solving skills and promotes anti-bullying.


  • Parents/Student Workshops- designed to help parents assist their children at home with their Karate-do skills. By helping them understanding what they can do and what type of training equipment to use to help their children. In this workshop, the use of focus and striking pads are explained and demonstrations using the equipment are provided. This encourages the students to develop confidence in demonstrating their skills and motivate them to devote time to practising with their training equipment. This program encourages students/parents to work and have fun together.


  • Class Assistantsdesigned to teach students how to demonstrate and effectively communicate techniques to others.  They learn to assist an instructor while they are teaching a lesson to students.  They are taught and are expected to be able to demonstrate proper techniques while verbally explaining what they want the other students to do.  At all times they are under the watchful eye's of and experianced instructor.  This program builds both teaching experiance and leadership skills.  (Class Leadership Certificate awarded for recognition)


Children Class Belt Requirements

In the children's classes there are more colours and stripes added to belt levels.  This lets us provide a wider range of grades which offers more incentives and more rewards for kids.  The Children and Youth belt level and ranks has been authorized by Teruo Chinen Sensei of the Jundokan International.


  • White 
  • 11th     Kyu     White/Yellow
  • 10th     Kyu     Yellow                               
  • 9th       Kyu      Yellow/Orange
  • 8th        Kyu     Orange                                  
  • 7th        Kyu     Orange/Green                                         
  • 6th        Kyu     Green                     
  • 5th        Kyu     Green/Blue                  
  • 4th        Kyu     Blue                                      
  • 3rd        Kyu     Blue/Brown                        
  • 2nd       Kyu     Brown  
  • 1st        Kyu     Brown/Black



Adult Classes (15 yrs +)

In addition to our children and youth programs, our dojo offers a comfortable training environment for adults who are looking for the benefits offered through Karate-do. Our adult-focused program is much more than just an extension of the youth program.

  • Our classes are designed to build self-confidence, focus and discipline. Students improve their physical strength and endurance and improve their mind and body coordination.

We help adults develop self-control and self-awareness skills that will help them avoid future problems, yet provide them with the skills necessary to defend themselves from violence.

  • You will develop confidence in your ability to defend yourself and to handle difficult situations when the present themselves.

Adult Class Belt Requirements

The belt colours are according to old Okinawan Gojuryu custom, White, Green, Brown and than Black, these were set by Miyazato Sensei. 

Within the Jundokan International Teruo Chinen Sensei authorizes Wayne Currie and Lakeshore Karate to use the following belt colours and ranks.   
The different kyu rankings correspond to the performance and level of the students in Karate-do.

    White belt-Beginners

9th kyu

White belt, 1 stripe

8th kyu

   White belt, 2 stripes

7th kyu

   White belt, 3 stripes

6th kyu

Green belt, 

5th kyu

   Green belt, 1 stripes

4th kyu

   Green belt, 2 stripes

3rd kyu

 Brown belt, 

2nd kyu

    Brown belt, 1 stripes

1st kyu

    Brown belt, 2 stripes

1st dan

  Black belt (Shodan)

2nd dan

Black belt (Nidan)

3rd dan

  Black belt (Sandan)

4th dan

   Black belt (Yondan)

5th dan

Black belt (Godan)

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